Sunday, October 24, 2010

Europe 1

Although it's only been two and a half weeks, it seems ages ago that we left home... A lot has happened since. We had a rough start. Since we didn't manage to leave until late in the afternoon, our first day trip ending in the dark. But our hearts were set on crossing the belgian-french border at least, even if it meant facing the streetlightless french highways. We had some luck in finding a camping ground that was clean and had a Buffalo grill just opposite for an authentic fast food meal.
We didn't have to wait long for the first "accident" to happen either. Ready and packed I wanted to set off but unleashed the gear handle too quickly when in the grass. The back wheel spinned, I lost balance, the bike fell, ... against Nicolaas' bike, with Nicolaas on it and... you get the picture. Both bikes on the ground with Nicolaas' leg stuck in between, leaving me to lift the bike to unravel the knot. Oh dear... Are we really going to Africa? But after some unloading and reloading we had lunch on the town square and there we got our first 'sign'. The sugar was wrapped in African designed paper... Coincidence? We didn't think so! Things were surely going to go our way from then on...
And they did. Apart from getting up too late, some unefficient packing rituals, a minor fall, some driving in the dark, varying meal times and some getting used to the bike on my part, our trip through Europe was pretty uneventfull untill we got to Spain.

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