Sunday, October 24, 2010

Morocco 2

Fez is very intrusive on the senses. It's busy, has all kinds of smells (good and bad) and hosts dirty alleyways as well as glorious mosks and other fine islamic artwork. We get lost a bit in the medina, visit the tanneries, take a look inside some of the religious buildings, eat, get lost some more. In a way it's nice to not have a specific purpose for the day and just let ourself be overwhelmed by the experience. Because that's what Fes is, not so much an extraordinary beautifull city, but even more so an 'experience'.
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We leave Fez through the "ville nouvelle". Nice to see this different, more orderly face of the city. Soon we find ourselves passing the pine and ceder forests of the Middle Atlas. The weather is gloomy and it's cold! (Africa was it?) But the scenery is nice and gets more impressive along the way as it slightly changes to desertlike plains. The colours change subtly with the light and the views are wide. The road is not so difficult (or could it be that I'm getting better at this motorcycling thing) and we even start to overtake some slower (indeed!) vehicles. Through the plateau between Middle and High Atlas we come to Midelt, a bit of an insignificant town in the middle of the beginning of nowhere. Again we are a bit disappointed when the guy who seemed just friendly takes us by the "maison des artisanats Berber", to look at some carpets and jewelry. Something for the lady, huh? On the bright side, we do get the feeling that we are left alone more often and ripped off less. Even some genuine heartiness here and there, for those willing to recognise it as such.
Our next stop further south is Errachidia. The trip is fun with nice curves alternated with faster straighter parts. We meet some collegue bikers on the way, while we stop to admire the view. As always time catches up fast and late in the afternoon we find ourselves looking for a picknick spot in the "gorge du Ziz". Nicolaas sees a good option in a place attainable through a rocky piste. I'm not sure about this... But after some persuasion I give it a try. Heavily loaded, unprepared and downhill. Good recipe for a fall, and of yes, there I go. But I'm not the only one... We have our lunch before we try to raise the bikes. First we take care of Nicolaas' bike. He feels like giving it another try and rides all the way down and back. Okay, the skills are still there! But maybe we should practise a bit first.


  1. Als jullie doorrijden tot aan de Erg Chebbi, kan ik jullie in Merzouga zeker "Ksar Bicha" aanraden. Ali heeft blijkbaar zijn prijzen wel verdubbeld sinds we zijn zwembad afgewerkt hebben, maar als je hem wijst op de herkenbare foto's op zijn website, krijgen jullie zeker korting!


  2. Wilfried en Rita31 October, 2010 11:46

    Leuk om lezen!
    Alhoewel... als we jullie daar zo tegen de vlakte "zien" gaan! :( (echt, we zien het zo gebeuren!!! / heel levendig, met alle jullie commentaar erbij / fantasie genoeg :) )
    Gelukkig is er steeds een dokter in de buurt!
    Have a nice time!