Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Close encounters of the Ténéré kind

 As always when we're in a capital, we soon have a whole "to do" list to work through: visa applications, washing (clothes, boots, helmets and motorcycles), maintenance, blogging, planning, skype, finances, putting up our Christmas decorations... While we wait for the bikes to get scrubbed at the local TOTAL fuel station we bump into 2 heavily loaded bikers on Ténérés. After they fix their small misunderstanding with the police, we learn that they're from Belgium as well. From Antwerp even! What an unlikely coincidence... In no time we're caught up discussing routes and travel gear and checking each other's bikes. Since we have enough food for thought and talk, to keep us busy for at least a couple of more hours, they decide to follow us to our hotel. That's how we met Tony, a 38 year old truck driver from Stabroek and Boni, a 50 year old DJ from Antwerp. They started off together on their first trip to sub-Saharan Africa. But while Boni has a somewhat vague plan to continue all the way to South Africa, Tony decided to turn back in Burkina or Ghana. Although we come from totally different backgrounds, it becomes clear that we have a lot in common too and get along pretty well. So since we're all headed for the same direction, we soon decide to go at it together at least for a while.

Four 2008 Tenere's in a row.
For more pics of us in Bamako, see album "Close encounters".

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  1. anne van tiggelt12 January, 2011 01:00

    Beetje laat, maar toch erg gemeend: een gezond, prettig en heel gelukkig 2011.

    Jef en Anne