Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New horizons

The road to Togo takes longer than expected. It starts off with a nearly perfect toll motorway, but ends with a potholed piece of dirt, interrupted by construction works. The border crossing takes a little too long and it’s dark when we enter Togo, but luckily Lomé is situated right next to the border. We find the hotel where Boni’s bike has been waiting for him and it’s still there. So is Boni. It’s an emotional moment when we meet again. Although he’s slowly feeling better, he has decided to give it a rest for now and fly home soon. It provides us with the unique opportunity to buy a Heidenau K60 rear tire for my bike… so I spend a few more hours amid tires and inner tubes, but now we must be able to reach Europe with our stash of tires!

We will start riding again today (real time now!!), up North, away from the coast and towards the Harmattan desert wind that has been harassing the region since a few days. Early morning and evening are cooler now and there’s a constant haze of dust in the sky. The dry season has begun, which is only good for us: in about a month we are nearing Central Africa and that’ll be a challenge without the mud of the rainy season as well…

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  1. De bandenboer doet het weer, hij koopt alle banden die hij tegenkomt (zieke mensen geen bezwaar) ;.)