End of September 2010, we will leave Antwerp, Belgium, for a 6 month journey through Africa on motorbike. Covering 30 to 40k kilometers, it will take us through the mountains of Northern Africa, the sandy fringes of the Sahara, the dust of the Sahel, the lush green of the Western coast, the humid darkness of the heart of Africa, the historically familiar Great Lakes region and the dry plateaus surrounding the Rift Valley, to end with the cradle of our Western civilisation...

We have been in Africa before. We have cycled in Kenya, Uganda and Burkina Faso, Isabel has spent some time in Rwanda, and Nicolaas had his first Ténéré-like experiences in Morocco. Africa fills our heart and our mind with its colours, its music, its stories, its energy, its nature and its lust for life. Only, its beauty is even more dramatic compared to the tragedy, the ambiguity, the hopelessness and the incredible injustice that are so often present on this continent.

Although comfortable enough to overcome the enormous distance and harsh environment, our motorbikes will easily allow us to enjoy the landscapes at a slow pace and bring us into contact with countless ordinary people along the road, some of whom will tell us their story and listen to ours. There is no greater feeling than being amazed by their seemingly strange ideas and colourful customs, confronting you with the prejudices you would never have thought you had. With every moment of confusion, one grows an extra layer of insight. Together with the daily adventures and the immense feeling of freedom, these are the essentials of travelling.  This is why we want to explore the Wide Wide World.

Therefore, no protective tin can for us, no barriers to human encounter, we want to use all of our senses. No pedalling neither, this time, since we have too long a road to take. In good old Belgian tradition, we went for the compromise... for better or worse, we will see.