About us

Sex: female
Age: 26
Profession: physician
Motorcycle driver's license since: 10/08/2010
Riding experience: 3500 km
Passion: Nicolaas, travelling
Travelling strengths: able to think practical under all circumstances; keeping up the spirit; flavouring the local menu
Travelling weaknesses: cravings for home-made sandwiches; souvenir shopaholic; scaredy cat

Sex: male
Age: 29
Profession: physician, scientist
Motorcycle driver's license since: 25/07/2001
Riding experience: 45000 km
Passion: Isabel, travelling
Travelling strengths: willing to try the impossible; technical and mechanical insight; good physical condition
Travelling weaknesses: willing to try the impossible; easily stressed by misfortune; poor in maintaining body weight on red beans and rice